Stone Fireplace Design From Contemporary To Classic Room Space

Stone fireplace is good choices, if you want to make your room feel more comfortable. More than that, if you add this fireplace, your house will feel cozier like the country house.

You can choose some stone fireplace design from contemporary to classic room space. Yes, its design variety makes it suitable for modern to classic room. For example, you can choose different stone fireplace size, and you will get different nuance.

For classic looks, you can choose the small and tall stone fireplace. This type requires big size room. But, if you have small size room, you can choose the big size store fireplace. This fireplace covers one side of your room wall. This is also good choices, if you want to give some accent on your room design. These two size fireplace has texture like old house wall, where the stone structure is just stacked.

However, if you want more modern style, you can choose the modern stone fireplace. It doesn’t have stone texture like the classic one, but, it use fixed stone material. Like it said, the texture is not as rich as the classic one. It just uses the natural color of stone. For the core, it use brick, so, it still gives some classic stone fireplace touch.

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