19 Drapery Ideas For Your Home Interior

Drapery is good addition for your room. It doesn’t only give you shade, when you don’t want too much light enter your room from your window. It also makes your windows beautiful.

Choosing drapery ideas for your home interior is easy. The most important thing in choosing drapery ideas is the color.

White is best choices, if your room has too much color from the furniture, stuff that you keep in that room and wall painting. The white blend very well, especially if you use the big size drapery that also can be used as room divider.

Grey drapery is also good choice, because it gives more accent than white. Choose this color, if your room also doesn’t too complicate like the white drapery case.

Choose the same color with the furniture is also good idea. It’s more interesting, if your drapery also has same texture and pattern with your furniture. You can even make the drapery from same material with your chair cover for cuter effect.

Floral pattern is also one of the choices. But, it will make your room looks bleak, if you can’t combine it with right room interior design. To solve it, add some plant or flower in your room that match with the floral pattern of your drapery. That will change the whole view.

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